Psychiatrist Facing Drug Charges

Drug enforcement officials conducted a raid at a home on a recent Wednesday morning. Authorities claim that the raid revealed that drugs were being processed in the residence. The investigation led to drug charges for three Maryland individuals, including a psychiatrist. Nevertheless, just because an arrest has been made does not necessarily mean that any of the accused people are guilty of any criminal conduct.

The psychiatrist was formerly employed at an addiction rehab center, and she was reportedly battling an addiction at the same time. In 2012, her license was suspended for an indefinite amount of time, following an alleged probation violation. Authorities believe that her home was a manufacturing and distribution center for Ecstasy.

The psychiatrist and her boyfriend now face a number of charges, including possession and manufacturing drugs for the purpose of distributing them. The doctor and her boyfriend were booked into a county detention facility and were released on bond. A third individual who was arrested is still being held. No other details surrounding the case have been reported.

Drug charges do not only cause an individual's freedom to be restricted; it can also cause someone to suffer economically if convicted. From an economic standpoint, defendants may not have many job opportunities, and state licenses may be challenging to obtain. Moreover, it may be equally difficult to find a suitable place to live since many landlords will not rent to felons. However, any person who is arrested for any type of drug charge is presumed innocent until proved guilty in a Maryland criminal court of law.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, "Police name 3 charged in Towson drug raid", Scott Dance and Nayana Davis, June 26, 2014