Maryland Driver Charged with Drug Possession

Police officers are trained to identify small details that can indicate potential problems. While officers do have specific criteria they must use, if something does not seem to be right, an officer may decide to stop a driver in order to check things out. Recently, a traffic stop of this nature in Towamencin, Maryland, led to the driver being charged with drug possession.

Police have indicated that the Chevrolet truck the man was driving appeared to exceed its legal weight. As a result, the driver was stopped and questioned. During the traffic stop, the driver was unable to produce a driver's license and failed to provide officers with his correct legal name and date of birth.

Officers then proceeded to search the vehicle. In doing so, prescription bottles with different types of pills were discovered. The driver was arrested and charged with drug possession and other charges related to his not having a driver's license and for providing incorrect identification information. Additionally, it was determined that the truck was in fact over its legal weight.

Maryland residents who find themselves facing drug possession or other similar charges will often realize that assistance in determining the best course of action is invaluable. There are likely many questions to be answered. First, did the officers have a legitimate reason to stop the vehicle in the first place? Also, did the officers have reason to search the vehicle? Guidance through the investigative and court process can make a difference in the final outcome for the individual who is facing such charges.

Source: Montgomery News, Baltimore man charged with possessing with hundreds of illicit pills in Towamencin, Michael Goldberg, Jan. 9, 2014