Maryland Resident Killed in Auto Accident with Ambulance

When a person in a stolen vehicle engages the authorities in a chase, tragedy often ensues. By acting in such a manner, the thief puts not only law enforcement officials in danger, but also other motorists, pedestrians and onlookers. One person was killed and others injured in a recent Maryland auto accident involving an ambulance that was allegedly stolen.

According to reports, a vehicle operated by a 34-year-old male driver left the road and crashed. EMT workers stopped and offered assistance to the man who, in turn, allegedly assaulted one of the workers and stole the ambulance. Shortly afterward, the authorities saw the ambulance crash into 11 vehicles that were both on the road and in a parking lot. A 77-year-old man, who was in one of the vehicles, suffered critical injuries and later died at the hospital.

A pregnant woman suffered injuries and was transported to the hospital where she is listed as being in a stable condition. Three other individuals who were injured were treated at the scene. The driver who stole the ambulance was apprehended and charged with assault and carjacking, along with other related charges.

When an auto accident happens, it can be traumatizing for injured victims and the families who depend upon them. Seriously injured victims typically face unexpected medical bills and lost wages as a result of an accident. Depending on the nature of their injuries, victims may decide to file personal injury claims with a Maryland civil court to recover financial losses and to seek compensation for punitive damages.

Source:, "Stolen ambulance crashes in Prince George's County, injuring several", Nick Houser, Dec. 15, 2014