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Salisbury University student contacted me because he was sure that a young lady that he had consensual sex with had called the police with a false allegation of rape. After having consensual sex with my client, the young lady basically accused my client of taking advantage of her because she had been drinking. But this did not stop her from having my client over to her apartment a week later. My client's suspicions were correct; he was contacted by a Salisbury Police Detective in order to tell "his side of the story" (watch out for that trap!). Thank goodness he contacted me first and I had the opportunity to speak with him first along with his parents. I was hired to represent him and we went to work immediately. The end result, no charges were filed. my client's future saved!

If you think that charges will be files, your instincts are usually correct. In this case, my client did the right thing and contacted me right away. The process was not inexpensive, but the result speaks for itself.


Avoided Charge:

Client contacted me and he was very upset and scared and for good reason: A Criminal Indictment was about to be filed for Rape; Child Abuse; Incest; and First Degree Sexual Offense. He was absolute in his denial of the allegations and I had him meet with me that weekend because he received a call from the police wanting to question him. Thank God he had the good sense to call me first! I met with my client and I knew he was innocent because the family member making the allegations had no credibility and also had a motive to lie about the charges. My team of experts went to work: My polygraph examiner found that he was telling the truth and my detective obtained information that the family member could not be believed. I presented this information to the State’s Attorney and the Criminal Indictment was dismissed.

Avoided Charge


Client charged with Home Invasion; Armed Robbery; First Degree Burglary; First Degree Assault; along with 10 other related charges. Her family contacted me immediately and I met with her at the jail and advised her to remain silent and not discuss the case. Bond was posted and we immediately started our investigation and asked questions to the witnesses that were not asked by the police. We also found other eye witnesses that were never interviewed by the police. Once I put all of the information together and presented it to the State’s Attorney, he conducted his own investigation and agreed to dismiss ALL of the charges. My client works in the medical field and had she been convicted of any charge her job would have been terminated. She kept her job and the charges were expunged in order to keep her good name.



Prior client’s family contacted me in regards to their son and a possible cause of action against a private company that “places” children in foster care for the State. The client had been molested by his foster family that he was placed with. He was not the only one that was victimized by this foster family. The agency that placed him in foster care had a duty to supervise and monitor the foster family and the client to make sure everything was ok. Not only were random interviews not being conducted, the client was never asked how things were going with the foster family. The case was settled for an impressive amount and the client finally has the resources for counseling and is doing well. The foster father was prosecuted and is currently serving a 30 year jail sentence.



Client is a citizen from an oil rich country attending the local university. I was in my office on a Saturday afternoon and the phone rings and the caller id displayed “US Embassy”. Answering the phone I was informed by the Foreign Embassy in Washington, D.C. that one of their citizens attended a college party and received serious charges. I was faxed a copy of the police report from a local contact and indeed the charges were serious. It was alleged that the client attacked a female student with a knife and he was charged with First Degree Assault which is a major felony that carries up to 25 years. The resources were there for a vigorous defense, my investigator interviewed students at the party and the investigation revealed that no one was injured and the young lady that made the allegation was scared of my client because he “stared at her”. Client was told to leave the party and he did return but very intoxicated with a knife. He banged and kicked the door and stumbled to the ground and dropped a knife. His friends at the party saw how pathetic the situation was and returned him to his dorm room. The charges were filed the next day. I discussed my findings with the prosecutor and we arrived at a plea deal where he would plea to the lesser charge of Reckless Endangerment and receive a Probation Before Judgment (PBJ) (meaning no conviction). The Judge agreed and granted PBJ but admonished the defendant for his behavior and also told him to have his King lower the oil prices which has happened!



Police Officer bought a gun for his step-son and was charged with committing a “straw-purchase” of a firearm. It was clear to me that authorities were out to “get” my client because he was a police officer and wanted to make an example. I always knew that my client had no intent to break the law and that the “straw-purchase” law was not meant to apply to this type of family situation, the intent of the law is to stop criminal activity. During the two day jury trial we presented testimony of my client’s exceptional character and had him testify that he had no intention of breaking any law. On the second day of the jury trial a juror walked in with a hat that had the NRA logo on it, good sign. Jury found him not guilty on all charges.



Young man charged with Home Invasion; Armed Robbery; First Degree Assault; and related charges. Even though the state’s witness said there were three defendants, my client was the only one charged. The State had eight witnesses and the “victim” was the defendant’s former employer in the construction business. After our own investigation, I cross-examined the “victim” about his crooked business dealings and had him admit on the witness stand that more than just cash was taken from his home, a large quantity of cocaine and marijuana was in the safe as well. The prosecutor was furious at me (sorry Mr. State) for exposing this information and over his many objections the truth was exposed. The jury was out for three hours and finally returned a verdict of not guilty on all charges. After the trial, I was walking out of the courthouse and a juror asked me for a business card and told me that the jury did not like my client…but they hated the “victim” and found that reasonable doubt existed.



A former police officer was charged with Driving Under the Influence and related charges. She had been to a local bar and had two drinks over a period of three hours while with friends. She was pulled over not far from the bar and she admitted that she had consumed a few drinks but was fine to drive. She refused the breath test but did perform the field sobriety tests. The arresting officer said that she “failed” the field sobriety tests and placed her under arrest. Once she was placed under arrest, he searched her purse and found some pills and she was also arrested for possession of controlled dangerous substances (CDS). The case was tried in one of local District Courts with a judge that has a very difficult time saying “Not Guilty”. Because she was a former police officer from the area, the prosecution was very aggressive in pursuing the case. If you listened to the arresting officer’s testimony the case sounded horrible. I knew there was a video of the client performing the tests and obtained a copy of it. I told the judge to pay careful attention to her feet and legs in the video because unlike the testimony, she was steady and never lost her balance. The judge agreed and found her not guilty and also dismissed the CDS charges because we provided a valid prescription for the pills.



Domestic case where client was charged with Attempted First Degree Murder (possible life sentence) and First Degree Arson (possible 30 year sentence) along with 12 related charges. The case made headlines in the press and the case presented numerous challenges. When I first heard about the case on the morning news the actions by the Defendant sounded horrible, he was accused of slashing his wife with a broken object and then setting the house on fire. But as always the press along with the initial police report left out many important
facts. When I met the client for the first time he was in a wheel chair because he had previously been in a horrific accident and was not capable of walking. The “fire” was a piece of bedding that was smoldering from a cigarette that he had left on the bed during the dispute with his wife. The client had no previous criminal history and along with the facts that I presented to the Prosecuting Attorney we arrived at a binding plea where he plead to a misdemeanor count of Second Degree Assault with a suspended jail sentence followed by supervised probation.


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