Speeding Car Hits Tractor in Worcester County

On Saturday after, a farmer in Worcester County took his sprayer tractor out to a field to spray the land that will house next year's potato crop. He finished up just before 3:00 p.m. and headed home. When his house was practically in sight, however, a speeding car came barreling toward him.

The driver of the sedan drifted into the farmer's lane. He tried to maneuver his huge machine out of the way, but could not. The car clipped one of the tractor's tires and became lodged underneath the $300,000 machine.

The farmer said he was afraid after the accident, as many people involved in wrecks are. He worried about what he might find under his tractor. Fortunately, everyone involved escaped with minor injuries.

Despite his concern, the crash was not the farmer's fault. The farmer said himself that too many people are easily frustrated by farm equipment on the roads and "just can't get by it fast enough." He hopes the driver's insurance company will cover the cost of the damage his sprayer sustained, but people in this situation may also want to consider a personal injury lawsuit.

Even when a crash victim sustains minor injuries, it can still lead to expensive medical treatment. On top of that, some car accident injuries do not become apparent until months or longer after a wreck. Not everyone has the money set aside to cover these costs. Fortunately, personal injury laws in Maryland allow crash victims to seek compensation from the driver who caused the accident.

Source: delmarvanow.com, "Farm tractor, car involved in scary-looking Stockton wreck," Jeremy Cox, Nov. 19, 2013