Investigation Into Drug Distribution Ring Succeeds

Maryland law enforcement officials have recently made arrests connected to a suspected drug distribution ring. Police say that this drug distribution ring moved cocaine throughout Queen Anne's County and the Mid-Shore area. An investigation involving several government agencies spanned six months and eventually discovered the supposed drug distribution ring.

The Maryland State Police, county drug task force, county sheriff's office and the State Attorney's office assisted with this investigation. Most details of the investigation were not mentioned, but police have said that they believe that a few pounds of cocaine was moved through the area over the course of a few months. The three men who were arrested are believed to have been in charge of the distribution of drugs.

The men face a variety of charges, including drug possession, intent to distribute and other drug-related offenses. It is not clear what evidence led law enforcement to focus on these three men. Police have claimed that they confiscated a certain amount of drugs, but it is not stated if the drugs were directly connected with any of the three men. At this point, the men will wait for a hearing or trial and have not yet been found guilty of any crimes.

Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming, especially when the charges are connected with drug distribution. The men are considered innocent in the eyes of the law because they have not been convicted, and they have the right to present a criminal defense to fight these charges. The defendants could choose to challenge any of the evidence that is brought against them, which may include the evidence gathered during the investigation.

Source: The Star Democrat, "Police arrest suspects in drug distribution network", , May 21, 2014