July Arrest of Man Drinking and Driving is Making News

A drunk driver can pose a threat to motorists on the roads and others in the community. A 27-year-old man is faced with criminal charges regarding drunk driving. Maryland authorities arrested him for DUI charges after he was reportedly involved in a single-car accident. Following the crash, he was treated for minor injuries.

The accident happened on a recent Sunday morning. According to reports, the man was traveling the roadway when he apparently lost control of his Mercedes. He reportedly ended up crashing his vehicle into a utility pole that was on the side of the street. Officers arrived at the scene and conducted field sobriety tests, which reportedly revealed that the man had a .17 percent blood alcohol content level.

Medics also arrived at the scene and he was treated for his injuries, which were considered minor. Authorities charged the man with DUI and he was taken to the police station. He was later released with no requirements for bond.

Fortunately, no one else was involved in the crash. DUI charges can result in jail time and the suspension of a driver's license along with other lost privileges if a conviction is secured by state prosecutors. The defendant may exercise the right to challenge any piece of evidence the state plans to use against him. He also may take the case to trial and stand before a jury of his peers while fighting to protect his freedom. Until and unless he is convicted in a Maryland criminal court of law, he is considered innocent.