5 Suspects Arrested for Drug Charges

Officials have been adamant about cracking down on drugs in the community. Five Maryland residents are currently facing drug charges after authorities reportedly discovered drugs and money during two recent searches. It's important for readers to remember that just because someone is facing criminal charges, it does not automatically mean that he or she is guilty of committing any crimes. Furthermore, the suspects are innocent until proved guilty.

In the recent month, authorities were able to obtain a search warrant that reportedly led to the discovery of over $700 in cash and heroin. A week later, authorities became suspicious of a vehicle that was located in a parking lot. A search was performed again, which reportedly uncovered over $200 worth of marijuana and over $2,000 worth of heroin. Officers seized $210 in cash and a vehicle.

Authorities charged a 36-year-old woman with possession of a dangerous substance, not including marijuana, in the first incident. In the second search, four other suspects in their 20s were charged with possession and distribution of a dangerous substance. No other information regarding this matter has been reported.

There are often stiff legal penalties for suspects convicted of drug charges, including a substantial amount of time behind bars and possibly probation after completing their jail sentences. In order for a conviction to happen, Maryland prosecutors will need to convince a jury that the suspects are guilty. The defendants all have the right to fight their charges and dispute any evidence used against them. In spite of the charges against these suspects, they are innocent until proved guilty in a criminal court of law.

Source: wusa9.com, "Drugs found by narcotic teams in Northern and Eastern Districts", Alanna Delfino, June 20, 2014