Maryland Officer's Vehicle Struck in Suspected Drunk Driving Case

Two vehicles were involved in a recent collision on a Maryland highway in Anne Arundel County. One of the vehicles was a Maryland State Trooper patrol car. The motorist that allegedly struck the officer's car is suspected of drunk driving in the incident.

The accident occurred on a recent Sunday evening near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. A 23-year-old man was driving a vehicle when a trooper attempted to pull him over in traffic. The man reportedly continued to drive after the patrolman allegedly made several attempts to get him to stop.

The officer is said to driven in front of the man's car, at which point the man's vehicle reportedly hit the driver's side of the trooper's patrol vehicle. Upon impact, the man's car then veered into a nearby traffic wall and flipped on its side. Another male, who was traveling as a passenger in the overturned car, was transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance.

The driver and the trooper were not injured. However, the motorist was arrested and now faces several criminal charges, including drunk driving. Maryland law protects anyone arrested under such circumstances with the right to seek guidance from a criminal defense attorney who has experience in DUI cases. This would help him or her ensure that none of his or her personal rights at any stage in the criminal process. It would also help to determine all options that might be available in light of the specific charges he or she will face in court.

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