Maryland Medic Killed in Auto Accident

A simple drive to a destination can end in tragedy. A nighttime commute resulted in a serious auto accident for a Maryland volunteer fire fighter/EMT. The young woman, just 20 years old, was killed when her vehicle was in a near head-on collision with a pickup truck.

According to reports, the crash happened on a recent Tuesday night. Authorities conducted a preliminary investigation which revealed that the woman was southbound while another driver was headed north. The other driver failed to remain in their lane and crashed into the fire fighter's vehicle. Her vehicle was forced into a field, and she was declared dead at the crash scene.

Medics flew the other driver to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. Authorities believe that alcohol played a role in the crash and shut down the road for hours to conduct an accident reconstruction. Police are still seeking more details into the matter and are asking witnesses to contact them with any information.

Depending on the outcome of this continuing investigation, the other driver could be charged criminally and also face civil litigation. The family of the volunteer is undoubtedly grieving their loss and may wish to pursue legal recourse by filing a wrongful death claim. The family may be able to recover damages related to the auto accident based upon evidence that the other driver operated his car in a negligent manner that caused the crash. Maryland families who are faced with these unfortunate situations may want to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to assess the viability of filing a claim and help navigate through the civil justice system.

Source: NBC Washington, "Young Volunteer Firefighter, Medic Killed in Crash", April. 29, 2015