No Injuries Reported in Suspected Maryland Drunk Driving Case

An accident occurred in Maryland in the Bishopville area in early May. Two vehicles were reportedly involved in the suspected drunk driving collision. Charges have been filed against one of the drivers in the aftermath of the accident.

According to recent reports, a pickup truck was traveling in a southbound direction on Route 113 when it apparently veered out of its lane and struck a sport utility vehicle. The 53-year-old driver of the pickup truck was allegedly seen leaving the scene of the accident without stopping to render aid. Witnesses to the collision reportedly pursued the pickup truck and implored the man behind the wheel to pull to the side of the road. Reports indicate that the man complied with their request.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident. Troopers claim that they smelled alcohol on the pickup truck driver and that his actions seemed to be impaired. The pickup driver agreed to police requests to take a breath test at the scene. Due to the reported results of that test, police filed charges against the man.

Drunk driving convictions in Maryland sometimes incur sentences involving time in prison or hefty fines. A person facing charges associated with intoxicated driving or a motor vehicle accident will want to seek clarification of all options that might be available as he or she prepares for court. There are legal professionals who have experience in criminal defense cases who would most likely be able to offer suggestions as to how best to proceed when facing DUI charges.

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