Maryland Bishop Involved in Deadly Auto Accident

Car accidents are dangerous for all their victims, but are especially dangerous when the victims are bicyclists. In one recent case, an afternoon ride ended with a serious crash after a bicyclist was hit by a car. The bicyclist died in the auto accident, and the person who police say was responsible is a bishop in the Maryland diocese of the Episcopalian church.

The accident happened on a recent Saturday afternoon. Authorities say that the bishop was the driver of the vehicle that struck the man, and she came back after leaving the scene. Another bishop informed members of the clergy that she came back to the scene so that she could be accountable for her behavior. Since the accident, the bishop has been placed on leave because it is a possibility that she could face criminal charges.

According to reports, the bicyclist was known by many in the community and is survived by two children. It is not known if authorities will charge the bishop. No other information about this matter was reported.

A fatal auto accident often leaves a victim's family members devastated. Even though no formal charges have yet been filed, the family members still have legal recourse to pursue compensation if they so choose. The family may wish to file a wrongful death claim against the bishop with the civil court system. The court may award the family compensation if evidence presented is satisfactory and deems the bishop responsible. A competent personal injury attorney in Maryland can advise families on the proper steps to take toward a favorable outcome.

Source: CBS News, "Female bishop blamed for fatal hit-and-run crash in Maryland", Dec. 29, 2014