Woman Arrested for DUI Charges After Crash

A woman has found herself in legal hot water after a recent crash. She was arrested for DUI charges after she was involved in an accident in which she allegedly drove through a guardrail. The Maryland woman also faces additional traffic-related charges.

Authorities responded to a call in regard to a single car accident on a recent early Saturday morning. According to reports, the woman's vehicle went through a guardrail and ended up in a tree that was in a wooded area. Authorities eventually discovered the driver, and she was transported to University of Maryland Shore Medical Center to be treated for her injuries.

The woman was charged with driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated. She was also charged with failure to control speed and driving at an excessive rate of speed. It is not known if the woman was released on bond, and no other information about this arrest has been reported.

Understandably, DUI charges can be a burden for many defendants, especially when an accident has occurred. If convicted of DUI, defendants can expect suspended licenses and other legal consequences such as time behind bars. In order for that to happen, Maryland prosecutors will need to prove that the woman was under the influence while she was driving, in order for a jury to come to a guilty verdict. Defendants who are faced with these charges could improve their chances in a criminal courtroom by understanding all of their legal options and their legal rights. The woman in this case is presumed innocent until proved guilty.

Source: The Star Democrat, "Car accident leads to DUI", , Oct. 6, 2014