Assisted Living Employee Charged with Sex Crimes

A 63-year-old man, who is an employee at an assisted living facility, has been arrested. He was charged with sexual assault after being accused of engaging in sexual conduct with a 24-year-old developmentally disabled male patient. Maryland authorities believe that other victims may be out there.

The alleged incident happened last month at Creative Options Assisted Living Facility. Days after the incident, the patient reported it to staff members who notified authorities. Officers performed an investigation, and during that time, they spoke with the accused employee. According to reports, the employee admitted to authorities that he was involved in the sexual assault with the patient.

He further stated that he committed sexual assaults in other areas, especially on those who were young men. The employee was arrested and charged with perverted practice and multiple sex offenses. He's being held at a detention center on a $150,000 bail.

Understandably, Maryland prosecutors vigorously seek to convict on allegations such as this one, particularly since the alleged victim is a developmentally disabled and vulnerable adult. The defendant could face up to 40 years in prison if convicted of the sexual assault charges; however, a formal accusation does not automatically mean the defendant is guilty, nor does it mean that he will be convicted by a jury. The defendant could drastically reduce his legal risk by having a strong defense strategy and knowledge of his rights. He could also reduce his legal risk by disputing evidence that prosecutors intend to use against him. If evidence is stacked in favor of the state, his defense team may negotiate for lesser charges.

Source:, "Man charged in sexual assault of developmentally disabled man", Saliqa Khan, Sept. 25, 2014