Drug Possession Charges for 2 Maryland People

Two Maryland individuals are facing drug possession charges after they were pulled over by police. The two people were driving when law enforcement stopped them for what is known as an equipment violation. It is not indicated exactly why the police stopped the vehicle. The drug possession charges stem from various items purportedly found in the vehicle.

According to the report, police began to suspect the two people in the car because they allegedly smelled like marijuana. That suspicion led to an investigation of the car and a search of the individuals. Police supposedly found small amounts of what they believed to be marijuana and the papers used to roll the drug. A strong suspicion of marijuana consumption was enough for an arrest, but it does not prove that the police allegations are true.

Maryland police then took the two for booking, where they were officially charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. They will face trial for these charges at a later date. In the meantime, these two have the right to prepare a criminal defense for their own benefit.

When facing criminal charges, such as drug possession, it is important to remember that the prosecution carries the burden of proof. This means that there will be no conviction unless the prosecution can clearly and definitively prove that an individual has committed a crime. The two charged with drug possession in this case could choose to fight these charges using a number of different defense options. In the meantime, accused individuals are presumed innocent unless proven otherwise.

Source: The Star Democrat, "2 cited for drug possession", , June 16, 2014