Traffic Stop Yields Drug Charges for Man Who Had Warrant

A routine traffic stop turned into an arrest for a 28-year-old man. He now faces drug charges after Maryland authorities allegedly discovered that he had drug paraphernalia. He was detained at a detention facility on $2,600 bail.

The arrest happened on a recent Sunday morning after a police officer stopped the suspect for speeding. During the traffic stop, the officer discovered that he had a warrant out for his arrest. Upon a search of the vehicle, officers reportedly discovered oxycodone and a syringe. The officers also discovered drug paraphernalia and equipment that is used to dispense illegal drugs.

In regard to the suspect's other warrant in a different county for theft of less than $1,000, he was released and ordered to make an appearance in court. It is not known if the man has met his bail requirement on this charge. No other details about this case have been reported.

Drug charges usually carry heavy legal consequences and some of those ramifications may include time in jail. Under some circumstances, defendants are required to continue probation after being released from jail to finish out their sentences. Regardless of the type of charge that defendants face, they have rights provided to them under our criminal laws. Some of these rights include the right to be heard in front of an impartial jury and also the right to dispute any evidence Maryland prosecutors intend to use against them. Furthermore, defendants are innocent until proven guilty in a criminal courtroom and that only happens after prosecutors have met their burden of proof.

Source:, "Man faces drug charges after speeding stop", , Aug 11, 2014