Maryland Drug Charges: Accused of Writing Illegal Prescriptions

A doctor is in legal hot water after some of his patients died, and reportedly, the prescriptions for the drugs they took came from him. The Maryland doctor is faced with a number of drug chargesafter he allegedly prescribed a slew of prescriptions illegally. Apparently, his license was suspended back in 2010.

The doctor worked as a pain management specialist, and in 2009, he was accused of prescribing certain drugs, including methadone and oxycodone, for a price. An investigation began after multiple pharmacies purportedly grew suspicious about the prescriptions written by him. Also, a pharmacist apparently noticed that some of the patients seemed to be drug users and that the prescriptions were only paid for in cash. Upon conclusion of the investigation, it was revealed that the doctor had over 4,000 patients, and his alleged fees ranged from $300 to $500 per visit.

In addition, some of the patients were not local and apparently traveled from other states, including West Virginia and Kentucky. Reportedly, 15 of the doctor's patients have ended up dying due to drug overdoses, and he is also accused of providing methadone that caused a death. He could face a mandatory sentence of 20 years if convicted of the charges he is facing.

Drug charges that result in a conviction typically have serious consequences. In addition to imprisonment, job opportunities may be restricted. Further, the chance of obtaining certain licenses or certifications could be difficult or even impossible. However, in this case, Maryland prosecutors will need to prove beyond a doubt that the doctor illegally prescribed drugs to his patients. An individual who is arrested for any type of drug charge has the right to seek legal help in mounting a defense.

Source:, "Prosecutors: doctor charged with operating pill mill out of Rockville office, 1 patient died", Jessica Gresko, July 30, 2014