Man Arrested for DUI Charges After Allegedly Hitting Parked Car

Driving under the influence can be dangerous to other individuals. It is also a serious criminal charge. A Maryland man is faced with DUI charges after he was accused of crashing into a parked car and leaving the scene while under the influence.

The incident reportedly happened on a recent Wednesday morning. Authorities indicate that, some time after midnight, a call was received that informed police of a hit-and-run accident. Upon a preliminary investigation, authorities determined that a 30-year-old man was responsible for the crash. According to reports, the suspect was trying to park his Ford pickup truck when he crashed into another vehicle.

An individual witnessed the incident and attempted to confront the suspect, but he allegedly fled the scene. Afterward, the suspect attempted to conceal his truck, but officials were able to track it down at a condo complex. Once he was located, officers noticed that he seemed intoxicated and conducted a breath test that revealed 0.22 grams of alcohol. Following the test, the man was charged with driving under the influence.

Defendants who have been charged with DUI charges may face uphill battles in the courtroom. If convicted, defendants could be required to spend a certain amount of time in prison and may have to serve probation once released. Even after their freedom is restored, they may still lose their driving privileges and be forced to pay restitution and other fees. It may be in the defendant's best interest to fully understand his rights and his options in Maryland before moving forward.

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