Maryland Teen Forced Off Road and Killed in Auto Accident

A car accident is traumatic for victims and family members, especially when a loved one has been killed. The event is even more traumatic when the auto accident could have been prevented. In one recent case, a Maryland teen died after he was run off the road by another driver.

The crash happened in Prince George's County in late March. Authorities launched an investigation, and they say that the accident was caused when the teen's vehicle was crashed into by another vehicle for unknown reasons. The impact forced the teen's vehicle off the road and caused it the flip over. Eventually, the vehicle caught on fire, killing the teen.

The driver of the other vehicle allegedly left the scene of the accident. In late April, the driver, a 27-year-old male, turned himself into authorities. He was charged with second-degree murder for his involvement in the crash. No other information about the deadly incident was reported.

An auto accident can result from a number of causes, including distracted driving, negligence or just plain recklessness. In fatal accidents like this one, family members of a deceased victim are often left with many questions about the accident and about facing the future without their loved one. Fortunately, they have the right to pursue compensation for their loss in a Maryland civil court by filing a wrongful death claim. Successfully presented claims may provide family members of deceased victims with compensation for their loved ones' final expenses and additional awards for their pain and suffering.

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