Tour Bus Involved in Car Accident - Two Dead

Tragedy happened when passengers were on board a tour bus recently. The bus was involved in an auto accident close to an exit ramp, killing two women and seriously injuring others. Maryland and other agencies airlifted those who suffered some of the most severe injuries.

The accident happened on a recent Sunday when the bus was traveling on the highway. For unknown reasons, the bus veered off the road and crashed before finally coming to a stop on its side. Medical crews arrived at the scene and discovered a woman trapped underneath the bus, while others were trapped inside of the bus. The woman who was trapped died at the scene. Others who were injured were tended to by medics and, at last report, two are in critical condition.

Everyone on board suffered some form of injury, including the bus driver and children. The crash caused traffic to be delayed for hours, and the lanes were backed up in both directions. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the accident with the help of the National Transportation Safety Board. It's not known where the bus was headed to, and no other information has been reported.

It's reasonable for Maryland residents to expect that they are safe while on board a tour bus. That is not always the case, and a number of people were injured in this recent auto accident. Even more tragic is that two women lost their lives while traveling on the bus. The families of the deceased women may have the right to file wrongful death claims against the bus driver, the tour company and any separate owner of the vehicle to recover damages. The injured parties may also have similar rights to file personal injury claims to seek recovery of financial damages for pain and suffering, medical expenses and other losses.