Some Maryland Pedestrian Accidents Involve Public Buses

Charges have been filed against a Maryland public bus driver regarding an accident that occurred in July 2014. The woman, employed at the time by the Prince George's County Department of Public Works and Transportation, was indicted on Aug. 5, 2015. She is charged with negligent manslaughter. It is always sad when pedestrian accidents such as this one result in the loss of human life.

Reports indicate that the woman was attempting to make a left hand turn in the bus when she struck a pedestrian who was in the crosswalk. It was also reported that the bus continued on its path for at least another 40 feet before coming to a stop. Sadly, the woman who was apparently struck down by the bus succumbed to her injuries.

Passengers on the bus who were witnesses to the tragedy later stated that the bus driver was chatting with another passenger at the time. They said it did not appear that she had seen the pedestrian in the crosswalk, nor did she seem aware that she had hit anyone as she continued to drive onward. In addition to negligent manslaughter, the woman is also charged with reckless driving and failing to avoid a pedestrian collision. She was reportedly released from jail on a $10,000 bond.

In Maryland and all other states, when victims are killed in pedestrian accidents due to the negligent or reckless actions of motorists, their immediate family members may file wrongful death claims in civil court. In the aftermath of such tragedies, families often suffer undue financial stresses in light of funeral costs and other expenses associated with a fatal accident. It might be of comfort as they grieve to know that in a successfully litigated case, compensation may be awarded that could help absorb those costs.

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