Maryland Woman Killed in Pedestrian Accident

A car accident is a terrifying experience and is even more so when someone is hit by a car. Anauto accident recently took place in Frederick County. Tragically, a Maryland pedestrian died at the scene.

The accident occurred on a recent Sunday on Route 194. Authorities arrived at the scene and conducted a preliminary investigation. According to reports, a Volkswagen sedan crashed into a woman. After the crash, the driver stopped and reported the incident. The woman was reportedly wearing dark clothing and walking along the roadway at the time of the crash.

In addition, the weather was foggy and dark. Authorities do not believe that speed was a contributing factor in the accident. It's not known if the driver is expected to be charged and no other information about this incident has been reported.

A pedestrian involved auto accident is a horrific encounter for victims as well as their families. A pedestrian has died as a result of this tragedy and her family is left behind to grieve their loss. Understandably, the family of the deceased may ultimately decide to initiate legal action against the driver in the wake of the incident. Depending on the outcome of this investigation, the family may choose to file a wrongful death claim against the driver who hit the pedestrian. A successfully litigated claim -- which must be based upon actual proof of driver negligence that is found to have caused or materially contributed to the fatal accident -- may result in a Maryland civil courtroom awarding financial relief to the victim's surviving family.

Source:, "Woman killed in Frederick County crash", , Sept. 28, 2014