Maryland Men Arrested on Drug Charges

Being charged with any type of drug crime can have a significant impact on those who are arrested. After an investigation was launched by Maryland authorities, three suspects were arrested and are facing multiple drug charges. They have since been released after posting bond.

Authorities arrived at a residence to conduct an investigation and search, and they discovered two men in a locked room. Upon searching the room, officials allegedly found a large amount of cash and drugs, including marijuana and heroin. After looking in small boxes, officers observed 75 grams of a brown substance and over 1,000 wax packets they believed to be heroin. As the search continued, officers allegedly discovered a substantial amount of marijuana located in large plastic bags and over $6,000 in cash in a closet.

In addition to the drugs and cash, officers also located multiple cell phones indicating drug activity. While authorities were still at the residence, another suspect showed up in a rented vehicle. After a drug-sniffing dog detected the scent of drugs, officers searched the vehicle and discovered a bucket in the trunk with what appeared to be marijuana. The three suspects are to be back in court next month.

As the accused individuals get ready to defend themselves against the drug charges against them, they will benefit from having an understanding of their rights and Maryland criminal court procedures. Being convicted of these charges can carry a harsh price tag in the long run, including being unable to work certain jobs. Having knowledge and an established criminal defense can help suspects fight for their freedom and the best possible outcome.

Source:, Police raid at Elkton home yields heroin, marijuana and three arrests, Carl Hamilton, Jan. 20, 2014