Ignition Interlock Program

What is Ignition Interlock?

The ignition interlock program in Maryland is made to deter motorists from operating a vehicle while they are impaired or under the influence of alcohol. An ignition interlock is a device which connects to an automobile’s ignition system.

The device is designed to measure a driver’s BAC from their breath, similar to a breathalyzer. If the device detects alcohol in a driver’s breath, the machine prevents the vehicle from starting or continuing to operate. These tests ensure that the motorist has not consumed alcohol when the vehicle starts and while the driver is operating it.

People may be required to participate in the ignition interlock program if they are directed by a district or circuit court judge, as well as an administrative law judge or the Medical Advisory Board of the Motor Vehicle Administration. In addition, motorists might be required to participate in the program due to a license suspension or revocation.

How is an Ignition Interlock Installed?

These devices are installed and maintained by private manufacturers and service providers, such as Draeger Interlock, Smart Start, Guardian Interlock, National Interlock, and Alcohol Detection Systems (ADS). Most providers’ installation costs can range from $150 to $200.

Furthermore, the device needs to be calibrated, and the data logs must be downloaded every 30 days. The providers charge a fee which ranges from $60 and $100 every 30-day checkup.

Benefits of a Lawyer

If you were arrested and charged with a DWI, having a criminal defense attorney on your side can help you determine whether or not it makes sense to install the ignition interlock device or challenge the license suspension.

If a defendant wins the challenge, then there is no suspension and no requirement for interlock. However, if the defendant loses the challenge, the individual can still ask for an ignition interlock device to avoid not being able to use your car to drive to work or conduct daily activities.

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