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Protect your elderly loved ones from further abuse and neglect by creating a nursing home injury lawsuit the moment you suspect they are being harmed in their nursing home. Our Salisbury personal injury lawyer from William R. Hall, P.A. has 20+ years of legal experience helping people in situations just like yours. If you want a team you can trust to back your claim, you should call 410.205.1684 today and ask about setting up a free consultation.

Forms of Injuries at Nursing Homes

The elderly require constant attention and care in order to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. The whole purpose of a nursing home is providing just that to them and in a comfortable setting. It is unacceptable when nursing homes and assisted living facilities allow their standards to slip and innocent elders staying there get hurt.

The most common sources of nursing home injuries, in no particular order, are:

  1. Physical or sexual abuse: Orderlies with mental instability, criminal histories, or violent tendencies may intentionally harm elders under their care. Others may sexually abuse elders and intimidate them into silence. Both a civil and a criminal case must be filed against such offenders.
  2. Slips and falls: One of the leading causes of elderly injury and death, inside and outside of nursing homes, is complications caused by slipping and falling. Nursing homes must have adequate lighting, railing, and other precautions to prevent trip hazards.
  3. Malnutrition: As an elder ages, they require more specialized nutrition and hydration to stay healthy. Malnutrition is a common form of neglect in nursing homes, especially when the staff does not recognize or respect the need to change an elder’s meal schedule.
  4. Bedsores (general neglect): To spot general neglect in a nursing home, you may not need to look any further than an elder’s bedsores. Some orderlies may claim that bedsores are unavoidable but this is not true. Encouraging daily physical activity and changing bedding often can completely eliminate the development of bedsores.
  5. Dangerous medication: Incorrect dosages of the right medicine, or any dose of the wrong medicine, can lead to serious health complications, especially in the elderly. Overworked nursing home staff may mix up prescriptions and patients, leading to preventable injuries.

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